Join the YA Team!

Young & Associates is proud to announce the organization of the "YA Team". the YA Team is a team of volunteers who will provide help to Young & Associates as needed for concerts in the area. If you choose to join the YA Team, your name and phone #'s will be submitted to our YA Team coordinator to keep on file. As help is needed for an event in your area, you would be contacted (in advance of the date)to check your availability for assistance at the event . At that time, you may accept or decline to volunteer your services. Our coordinator will keep a record of your name and availability for future reference. You and your group could be eligible to earn free concert tickets to an event just for helping us! Thank you for your willingness to give of your time and of yourself for a cause "bigger" than us. To join the "YA TEam", e-mail us at and you will be contacted by our "YA Team" coordinator! We hope you will mark your calendars for all the upcoming events. Our hope is to provide the most recent details as we know them. We will be updating the information as frequently as possible.


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